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3.5 Magneto-optical Disc Drive (MO Drive), AC Adaptor for Calculator,Accessory for Electronic Whiteboard, Air Bubble Pack Sheet, ZIP Drive Unit.
Welfare Items
8mm Video Camera, Bathroom Scales, Cassette Film for 8mm Video Camera, Cassette Tape, Weight Set, etc.


Alcohols, Spirits & Liqueur
Imported Beer, Imported Cigarettes & Tobaccoes, Imported Spirits & Liqueur,Imported Spirits & Liqueur (Unit In Btl), Soft Drinks.
Cloth & Linen Products
100% Acrylic Blanket, Bed Sheet, Bed Spread (Counterpane), Bow Tie, Wool 100% Blanket.
Anti-electro-static Boilersuit, Aramid Fibre Gloves, Boilersuit (Coverall),Boilersuit Half-sleeved, Working Jacket Working Trousers Summer Use.
Bakery & Pastry Products, Beans And Peas, Dry, Biscuit, Cracker Snack, Wafer, Bonded Dairy Products, Tinned Vagetables.


Rope & Hawsers
3-Strand Heaving Line, 3-Strand Manila Rope, 3-Strand Nylon Rope, 3-Strand Polyethylene Tiger Rope, Wire Rope Slings


Bearing Unit, Cylindical Roller Bearing, Double Row Self-Aligning Ball Bearing, Needle Roller Bearing, Thrust Ball Bearing.
Brushes & Mats
3M Nomad Mat - Extra Duty, 3M Oil Trap Floor Mat, Angle Paint Brush Japanese Style, Angle Radiator Brush (Dog Leg Brush), Yellow Duster.
Cleaning Material & Chemicals
Acetone, CH3COCH3 (Dimethylketone), Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon (Activated Charcoal/Coconut), Aerosol Glass Cleaner, Zinc Chloride, ZnCI2
Cutting Tools
Adjustable Reamer Set, Adjustable Round Die for Pipe Thread, Bevel Rolling Center, Boring Tool Holder for Square Shank Tool Bit,WhiteWorth Coarse Thread Hand Tap 3's/Set Carbon Steel or High Speed Steel.
Hand Tools
12 Point & Spud End Wrench 60 Offset, 12 Point Double End Wrench Both Head 40 Bent, 12 Point Double Offset Wrench Set 45 Double Offset, 12 Point Offset Wrench 45 Double Offset, Yacht Type Triangular scrapper.
Ashtray, Wall Type, Barrel Bolt For Cabinet, Barrel Bolt for Door,Book Case Bar Socket, Tumbler Holder
Hose & Couplings
Brass Screw Air Hose Coupling, Cam and Groove Coupling, Cast Aluminum Garden Hose Nozzle with Spray, Cast Bronze Air Hose Coupling M42 x 2,Water Rubber Hose Wrapped & Fabric Construction
Machinery Items
Air Pipe Head, Anti-Splashing Tape for Ship's Engine Room,Emergency Shut-off Valve, Filter Element for Marine Can Water Filter,Marine Can Water Filter
Marine Paint
Anti Fouling Paint Longlife, Selfpolish, Marine Paint Comparison Table,Miscellaneous Paint, Monolar Mastic, Varnish, Oil , Etc.
Measuring Tools
(Sigma) - Meter, 20 Times Microscope Probe Tube, A.P.I. Hydrometer for Petroleum, Ammonia Compound Gauge, Wire Gauge
Metal Sheets & Bars
Adhesive Anticorresine Zinc Tape, Aluminium Hexagon, Aluminium Plate or Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Round, Zinc Plate
Packing & Jointing
Adhesive SAF-T-LOK, Air Filter, All Graphite Ribbon Packing for Valve Pillar No.6650, All-purpose Grand Packing Threebond No.5910, Wood Glue.
Painting Equipment
Air Duster, Airless Paint Spray Gun, Airless Paint Spray Hand Gun, Airless Paint Spray Hand Guns and Pole Guns, Spray Gun.
Petroleum Products
Aerosol Product, Anti-freeze Liquid, Anti-Seize Compound, Asphalt Compound, Wire Rope Grease.
Petroleum Products
Aerosol Product, Anti-freeze Liquid, Anti-Seize Compound, Asphalt Compound, Wire Rope Grease
Pipes & Tube Fittings
Air Pipe Head, Anti-corrosive Coated Flexible Pipe Coupling, Brass Flared Elbow,90, Brass Flared Elbow,90 With Male End, Union Malleable Cast Iron.
Pipes & Tubes
Aluminium Tube, Welded, Aluninium Tube, Brass, Carbon Steel Pipe for High pressure Service(STS), Carbon Steel Pipe for High Temprature Service(STPT), Symbol of Steel Pipes
Pneumatic & Electrical Tools
Air Line F.R.L. Combination, Air Line Filter, Air Line Lubricator, Air Line Pressure Regulator, Water Driven Turbine Fan.
Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items
Aluminium Alloy Rope Ladder with GS Type Oval Step, Aluminum Alloy Accommodation Ladder, Aluminum Alloy Wharf Ladder (Ref.JIS F2613-1990), Anchor Shackle, Wood Hand Fid.
Screws & Nuts
Button Head Socket Screw, Cap Head Square Neck Bolt (Carriage Bolt), Cold Headed Rivet, Cross-Recessed Head Machine Screw, Wing Nut.
Valves & Cocks
Brass Bib Cock with Lever Handle, Brass Meter Cock with Lever Handle Both Female End, Brass Needle Valve Threaded, Brass Needle Valve with Corrugated Hose End, Thermostatic Expansion Valve.
Welding Equipment
Acetylene Gas Cylinder, Acetylene Gas Cylinder, Arc Welder, Arc Welder,Welding Helmet.


Electrical Equipment
2-Flat Pin 3 Way Receptacle, Alarm Bell Explosion-proof Type, Alarm Buzzer Explosion-proof Type, ALCAD Nickel Cadmium Battery, Wet Cell Battery.


Lavatory Equipment
Bathroom Equipment, Bathroom Shelve, Combination Wall Faucet w/Overhead Swivel Spout, Combination Wall Faucet w/Underside Swivel Spout, Waste w/S-trap.
Tableware & Gallery Utensils
3M Scotch-Brite Cleaner, 4 Pcs Cruet Stand Set (Condiment Set), Air Pressure Type Thermos Bottle, Alarm Timer, Yosenabe Pan.


Absorbent Cotton, Absorbent Gauze Ribbon, Absorbent Lint, Adhesive & Elastic Bandage, Zinc Ointment


Nautical Equipment
Air Horn, All-Weather Stand Type Binoculars, Astro-Navigation Calculator,Automatic Chart Plotter, Xenon Searchlight.


Safety Equipment
AB Type Foam Fire Extinguisher, ABC Fire Extinguisher Self-Activating Type,ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher, Air Compressor, Work Vest.





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